American Top-Up Degree in Business or Health Care

Students completing their Ofqual, EQF or other National Vocation Framework Level 5 Qualification can transfer credits toward City Vision's American Bachelor's in Business Administration or in Addiction Studies (top-up for Health Care).
Students must complete at least 10 subjects with City Vision. This typically takes about one year, taking two courses per term for five 8-week terms.
Students may pick from the list of subjects shown below, ensuring they meet the 10 subject requirement and all core courses using both transfer credits. 

US Accredited Online Bachelor's Degree Pathway $4,500/year


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Students completing our program will learn all the key functions needed to run a business, including accounting, budgeting, human resources, and management skills, all from a Christian perspective.

City Vision University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, which is recognized by the United States Department of Education..

Job Possibilities

Format & Transfer Credit

About City Vision University

The program can be taken toward a Bachelor's degree (120 credits) or Associate's degree (60 credits). We accept transfer of up to 90 credits from any accredited college. Students can use our prior learning assessment program to apply for up to 30 credits for unaccredited training and experience.

City Vision University is a nonprofit Christian college established in 1998 providing Bachelor's in Addiction Studies, Missions, Nonprofit Management & Business, a Master's in Technology & Social Entrepreneurship, and an MBA. All of our faculty have at least Master's degrees and are current or past practitioners in their fields.

Regular tuition is US $7,000. Tuition is $4,500/year to students in developing countries (a 35.7% discount).  We also provide a 15% discount to partners in developed countries. Price does not include books or e-books.




What You'll Learn

Core Business Courses (Required)

Students in our Business Administration program may get jobs in mid-level management in either business or non-profit settings. Some may also get jobs in accounting or office administration. Finally, some may use our entrepreneurship training to start their own business.

Nonprofit Management

Accounting - coming soon

General Management

Technology & Entrepreneurship

Qualifi Qualifications Pathway

Top-Up Degree Summary

City Vision's Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Level 3. International Foundation Year

  • BUS204 Business Statistics
  • ENG101 English Composition I (City Vision)
  • ENGL210 Technical Writing
  • BUS210 Corporate Communication
  • BUS101 Introduction to Business
  • BUS301 Human Resource Management
  • BUS103 Introduction to Financial Accounting

These are free online courses provided by Saylor Academy and endorsed by Qualifi. Students may also pick 3 electives from 25 free online courses/subjects.

Level 4. Certificate in Business Management

  • Bus1.1: Communication in an Organisation
  • Bus1.2: Leadership and the Organisation
  • Bus1.3: Financial Awareness
  • Bus1.4: Managing Change
  • Bus1.5: Business Operations
  • Bus1.6: Developing Teams

Students and training centers may also use Saylor Academy’s free online material for Level 4. Qualifi also offers Level 4 Certificates in Business Management and Health and Social Care.

  • Ent2.1: Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Creativity
  • Ent2.2: Influences on Organisational Growth and Development
  • Ent2.3: Venture Management: Growing a Business
  • Ent2.4: Marketing for Growth Organisations
  • Ent2.5 Developing and Launching a New Business
  • Ent2.6: Social Enterprise and Third Sector Organisations

Level 5. Diploma in Business Enterprise

Level 5. Certificate in Business Management

  • Principles of Health and Social Care Practice
  • Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care
  • Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care
  • Contemporary Issues in Health and Social Care
  • Managing Quality in Health and Social Care
  • (Pick one elective)

Degree Path

Students pick 4 subjects above in a single area for a concentration. The following courses are core courses that are fulfilled by Qualifi as transfer credit: Introduction to Business, Nonprofit Accounting, Human Resources. Additionally, students may choose the Diversified concentration to select any 4 courses from the list below.A degree with City Vision requires completing a total of 10 subjects. Students that transfer additional core courses may select additional electives as an alternative. Students may also complete their top up in Health Care through our Bachelor's in Addiction StudiesYou must also meet all of City Vision's general studies requirements.

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