City Vision Facts and History with Rescue Missions

Over 90 Rescue Missions Have Had Students with City Vision

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City Vision in the News

City Vision Facts and History with Rescue Missions

Our Alumni from 90+ Rescue Missions

Bakersfield Rescue Mission
• Bill Rogowski
Bay Area Rescue Mission
•Carey Kachurka
Blue Rose Mission
• Stanley Wertz
Bowery Mission
• Neil Connors
Bread of Life Mission
• Cherise Merrick
Bridgeport Rescue Mission (3)
• George Perron
• Nancy deMaille
• Rebekah Wilcox
Brother Bryan Mission of Birmingham
• Stanley Dodd
Buffalo City Mission
• Jan Mansfield
Capital City Rescue Mission (3)
• Ibrahima Diop
• Shirley Rabonza
• Susan Strickland
Central Wyoming Rescue Mission (5)
• Dave Matthews
• Jackie Pickinpaugh 
• Sharon Lockwood 
• William Cappello
• Chariss Warner
City Mission (2)
• Dale Hartman
• Shirley Fierro
City Rescue Mission (PA) (3)
• Daniel Collmus
• Gregory Miheli
• Victoria Ratzlaff
City Rescue Mission (FL)
• Kenneth Gossard
City Union MIssion (2)
• Amanda Greene
• Brian Greene
City Union Mission (Kansas City) (2)
• Anne Ganschow
• Mike Wutherich
Cleveland County Rescue Mission
• Tracy Duncan
Crossroad Mission (AZ)
• Myra Garlit
Crossroads Nogales Missions
• John Tibbetts
Denver Rescue Mission (6)
• Alice Cavanaugh
 • Anthony Mbugua
 • Ashley Faiella
• Emanuel Torres-Alarcon
• Katelyn Pennell
• Olivia Wall
Durham Rescue Mission
• Robert Tart
Fresno Rescue Mission (2)
• Javier Garza
• Joaquin Gonzales
Fort Collins Rescue Mission (CO)
• Paula Ordaz
Gospel Rescue Mission (OK)
• Richard Schaus
Great Falls Rescue Mission (7)
• Beth Clark
• Dawn Moltzan
• John Zollinger
• Mike Washington
• Onita Yost
• Paul Tyner
• Suzi Trebas
• Therese Martinez
Hiway 80 Rescue Mission Ministries (5)
• Jason Brandon
• Jonathan Alford
• Richard Sanchez
• Stefan Arredondo
• Stephen Pullum
Holland Rescue Mission (2)
• Oliver Williams
• Stephanie Ortiz
Hope Gospel Mission (2)
• Chis Hedlund
• Dorothy Gorell
Jericho Road Ministries (FL)
• Cheryl Hart
Jericho Road Ministries, Inc. (5)
• Anthony Carter
• Cheryl Hart
• Judy Buckingham
Nelson  McCrimmon
• Tiffany Reynolds
Jimmie Hale Mission (2)
• Wesley Parkhurst
• John Lindsey Jr.
Kansas City Rescue Mission (2)
• Allen Pickett
• Paul Matsuoka
Kelowna Gospel Mission
• Erik Olson

Keystone Mission (10)
Daniel Tommaselli
• John Thibodeau
• Jonathan Marshall
• Jonathan Musgrove
• Kevin Bahlmann
• Phil Schultz
• Stacey Cunningham
• Steven Packard
• Terrance McAvoy
• Daniel Rivero
Kitsap Rescue Mission
• Walter Le Couteur
Klamath Falls Rescue Mission
• Gary Everest
Knox Area Rescue Ministries (4)
• Leif Hietala
• Nathan (Gordon) Sharpe
• Rhonda Chambers
• Jeffrey Crick
Kokomo Rescue Mission (2)
Chris Helton
• Ronald Visser
Lexington Rescue Mission (2)
• John Ferguson
• Nick Adam
Light of Life Rescue Mission
• Pamela Armstrong
Lighthouse Ministries, Inc (Lexington, KY)
• Valerie Henderson
Lighthouse Mission Ministries (Bellingham)
• Aaron Speyer
Lima Rescue Mission
• Aaron Ferguson
Market Street Mission (3)
• Joseph Gallow
• Kevin Vance
• Paul DeMarco
Mel Trotter Ministries
• Katrina Hansen
Merced County Rescue Mission
• Lydia Crane
Miami Rescue Mission Inc (5)
• Gary Cooper
• James Whitworth
• Lianner Sarduy
• Marilyn Brummitt
• Ronald Brummitt
Montana Rescue Mission (2)
• Glenn Fournier
• Robert Fournier
Muncie Mission Ministries, Inc.
• Dennis Powell
Muskegon Rescue Mission
• Bridget Pierce
Nashville Rescue Mission (2)
• Currey Womack
• James Gregory
New York City Rescue Mission (2)
• Bennie Caswell
• Jeffrey Kolsch
Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission
• Chad Magers
Open Door Mission (Glens Falls, NY)
• Amy Buss
Open Door Mission (Rochester, NY)
• Kenneth Hicks
Orlando Union Rescue Mission
• Ronald McArdle
Panama City Rescue Mission (3)
• Lamont Mason
• Matthew Mitchell
• Timothy Clark
Path of Citrus County
• Shaun Seedeen
Providence Rescue Mission (2)
• David Horowitz
• Peter Farrelly
Raleigh Rescue Mission, Inc.
• Merritt Jones
Regina Rescue Mission (3)
• Jarad Welle
• Larry Wright
• Melanie Van Herk
Rescue Mission of Salt Lake
• Lisa Wolfe
Rescue Mission of Utica (3)
• Ernie Talerico
• Peter Donnelly
• Thomas Caruso
Rockford Rescue Mission
Jan Danaher
Safe Harbor Rescue Mission
• Deborah Haynes
Salem Union Gospel Mission
• Deborah Doland
Salt Lake City Mission (3)
• Bryana Serrano
• Eric Daniels
• Sarah Snider

Samaritan Ministries Gospel Rescue Mission
• Janet Laggan
Santa Barbara Rescue Mission
• Stacy Waddle
Scranton Rescue Mission (2)
• Heather Kraus
• Donald Regan
Seattle's Union Gospel Mission (4)

• Brian Ostertag
• Robert Coggins
• Roger Howell
• Terence Charles
Sioux City Gospel Mission

• James (Jim) Bingen
Souls Harbor Rescue Mission (14)

• Gregory Martell
• Josephine Krauss
• Michelle Porter
• Ryan Vriends
• Vicki L Hack
• Benjamin Swain
• Brigitte London
• Adam Elliot
• Crystal Klassen
• Jonathan Hack
• Rebecca Cochrane
• Shantel Arendt
• Shawna Fitz
• Stephanie Mitchell
Southern New Hampshire Rescue Mission

• James/Michael Rosano
• Jeffrey Bartlett
Springfield Victory Mission (5)

• Anna Zachary
• Dontay Elliot
• Johnny Johnson
• Joshua Barrett
• Maxwell Willman
Springs Rescue Mission (4)

• Gary Browning
• Jeffrey Cook
• Phyllis Sheets
• Sarah Stacy
St. Augustine Rescue Mission
• Thomas Nicholson
St. Matthew's House (3)

• Brittany Hargrove
• Daniel Scarnecchia
• Jay Goodman
Stowe Mission of Central Ohio
• Austin Hill
Sunday Breakfast Mission (2)

• Michael Smith
• Richard Selfridge
Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission (2)

• Deborah Lewandowski
• William Brown
Sunshine Rescue Mission, Inc.

• Deborah Wallace
Topeka Rescue Mission

• Nell Ritchey
Tri-City Union Gospel Mission (2)

• Chariss Warner
• Debra Biondolillo
Union Gospel Mission (MB)

• Tina LaBelle
Union Gospel Mission (OR) (2)

• Dennis Sherry
• Linda Lacy
Union Gospel Mission Dallas
• David Higbee
Union Gospel Mission of Grays Harbor (2)
• Teresa Parker
• Laurel Wiitala
Union Gospel Mission of Missoula 

• Debra Smith
United Christian Advocacy Network

• James Quattrone
Water Street Ministries

• Andres "Andy" Rodriguez
Westminster Rescue Mission

• Ed Barber
Wheeler Mission Ministries, Inc (6)

• Ryan Bobbett
• Eric Gardner
• Lauren Lopez
• Nicole Thomas
• Stephan Rice
• Song Brewer
Winchester Rescue Mission
• Neil Connors
Winston-Salem Rescue Mission

• Aaron Shaw
Wyoming Rescue Mission (2)
• Jackie Pickinpaugh
• Denise Kleemeyer

City Vision was the Education Program of AGRM from 
1998-2008 and was called Rescue College.

Our President started in ministry at City Union Mission in 1992.

Rescue College became a part of the Christian nonprofit TechMission 2008 and was renamed City Vision University.

City Vision provides a 15% discount to all rescue missions.


Michelle Porter, City Vision Alumna
Founded Souls Harbour Rescue Mission,
which has had over 10 City Vision students that have helped grow her mission to serve thousands of homeless and at-risk

Current and Former City Vision Faculty from Rescue Missions

Rescue Missions that are City Vision Internship Sites

Boston Rescue Mission
Bridgeport Rescue Mission
City Union Mission (Kansas City)
Crossroads Nogales Missions
Denver Rescue Mission
Good Samaritan Mission
Great Falls Rescue Mission

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission Ministries
Holland Rescue Mission
Keystone Rescue Mission Alliance
Redwood Gospel Mission
Rescue Mission of Utica, Inc.
Salt Lake City Mission
Souls Harbor Rescue Mission

Hiway 80 Rescue Mission Ministries
Holland Rescue Mission
Redwood Gospel Mission
Rescue Mission of Utica, Inc.
Salt Lake City Mission
Souls Harbor Rescue Mission

City Vision internships is a one-year full-time program a Christian counterpart to AmeriCorps/Peace Corps but without any government restrictions on religion.

  • Barbara Clemenson, Director of Finance and Administration, Secretary/Treasurer AGRM Mideast District The City Mission
  • Cassie Sorenson, Former Director, Ventura County Rescue Mission
  • Cobby Asante-Mensah, Men's Program Director, Union Gospel Mission Dallas
  • James Harriger, Former Executive Director, Springfield Rescue Mission
  • James VarnHagen, Former Executive Director, New York City Rescue Mission
  • John Savage, Former Director of Gift Planning, Los Angeles Mission
  • Leonard Erb, Former Executive Director, Market Street Mission
  • Lisa Hoffman, Program Director, Wheeler Mission
  • Lorraine Minor, Former Associate Executive Director, City Union Mission Kansas City
  • Mark Siegrist, Director of Education, Denver Rescue Mission
  • Michael Liimatta, Former Education Director, AGRM
  • Perry Jones, Executive Director, Capital City Rescue Mission
  • Robert Rapp, Chaplain Overseer, Portland Rescue Mission
  • Steven Brubaker, Chief Vision Officer, Water Street Ministries
  • Victoria Queen, Founding Dean of Victory Trade School, Springfield Rescue Mission

Practical Program Format


Tuition, Financial Aid & Discounts

Our 8-week online courses combine the benefits of on-site experience with the convenience of distance learning. Program graduates receive a Bachelor's degree (120 credits). An Associate's in Business Administration (60 credits) and a Master's in Technology & Social Entrepreneurship (36 credits) are also available.

We are accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commissionwhich is recognized by the US Department of Education and CHEA. We are an Approved Provider for NAADAC, which means that our addiction courses are approved for certified addiction counselor credit in most states.

Our Students

Transfer Credit & Prior Learning

Our Evangelical Values

Our students typically want to work in the nonprofit sector, counseling, government or ministry. We are an open admissions school accepting any student with a high school diploma, GED or equivalent. Our students are 60% women, 41% people of color (29% African American, 6% Latino, 2% Native American, 1% Asian). We have students as young as 18, and some who are 60 or over, with an average age of 40. 79% of our students receive Pell grants.

We accept transfer of up to 90 credits from any accredited college. Students can use our prior learning assessment program to apply for up to 30 credits for unaccredited ministry training and experience or bring in credit by examination from ACE, CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior and NCCR. Students only need to complete their last 30 credits (out of 120 credits) with City Vision to receive a degree. 

City Vision University is an evangelical nonprofit Christian university. All our staff and faculty are required to support our statement of faith based on that of the National Association of Evangelicals. Read our President's testimony in Christianity Today.

Undergraduate tuition is $700 per course ($7000 per year full-time), and graduate tuition is $900 per course ($9000 per year). Qualifying bachelor's students may use Pell grants and Federal loans. All students may use GI Bill benefits. We provide a 15% discount to rescue missions and a 35% discount for and to ministry partners for interns, employer paid tuition, credit partnerships and program participants


About City Vision University

Business Electives

Urban Missions

Degrees and Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

What portion of your alumni work in the nonprofit or ministry sector after graduation?
Historically, 70-80% of our alumni work in the nonprofit or ministry sector after graduation. The others work in business with strong values that reflect strong social responsibility, Christian values and entrepreneurship. We have had hundreds of students that have come from over 80 Gospel rescue missions. Read Stories of City Vision AlumniSee job statistics of 200+ Alumni/ students on LinkedIn.

What graduate schools have your students been accepted into and how will City Vision's degree be received?
We have never had a student not accepted into a graduate program based on our degrees, although in some cases with state schools we have had to advocate for them.Our alumni have been accepted into the following schools: Grand Canyon University, Bay Path University, Southwest Baptist Seminary, Fuller Seminary, California University of Pennsylvania, James Madison University, Liberty University, North Park University, Southern New Hampshire University, St Mary's University of Twickenham, Trinity Bible College, Bakke Graduate School and AG Theological Seminary. We have never had a student not accepted into a graduate program based on our degrees, although in some cases with state schools we have had to advocate for them.

What is the difference between Regional and National Accreditation and how has that affected your alumni?
City Vision is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is recognized by the US Department of Education and CHEA. The US Department of Education does not recognize a distinction between regional and national accreditation in its standards. We have heard from a number of our students that other schools (sadly even Christian schools) use scare tactics as a part of their sales practice to try to misrepresent the significance of the distinction between national and regional accreditation.

From a Christian Social Justice perspective, many have called the distinction between regional and national accreditation is  a cartel that is a major injustice that hurts the poor.  Having said that, there are those that still maintain this distinction, so we address their concerns in this section. This letter from Dr. Leah Matthews addresses some concerns about the quality of DEAC accreditation. Functionally our experience has been that the distinction between regional and national accreditation is primarily of importance for: 

  1. Student pursuing academic careers as many high end schools may require Ph.D.'s from regionally accredited schools. A very small percentage of jobs (mostly academic) require regional accreditation.  For example, a recent search of jobs in Boston showed 19 jobs out of 65,645 total requiring regional accreditation (of which 18 were in academic institutions).
  2. Students pursuing licensing in fields that often require a Master's degree from a regionally accredited school such as Counseling or Social Work. It is because of this reason that City Vision does not offer Master's programs in these fields. As listed above, regional Master's programs to date have always accepted our bachelor's degrees, but the decision is up to each individual school. 
  3. Students planning to complete their Bachelor's degree at other schools. Many state schools and some CCCU schools may not accept transfer credits from nationally accredited schools. It is up to each school on what transfer credits they accept. Based on this,  for students that come to City Vision that do not plan to complete either their Associate's or Bachelor's with us, but expect to complete at a state university or CCCU school, we recommend that they first check with that school on credit transferability. 

Ultimately, City Vision and national vs. regional accreditation is a question of value.  If you need the "gold plating" of regional accreditation for one of the reasons described above, then it may be worth paying 2-10 times more to get a degree with regional accreditation from another school. Because of the career choices of our students, they prefer to chose the value of City Vision rather than more expensive high-end options.