Get Credit for Wheeler Training Toward Your City Vision Degree

After $2,500 Scholarship for Wheeler Participants, Tuition is Only $4,500/year

Our Degrees are the Most Affordable Online Christian Degrees of Their Type


We are accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commissionwhich is recognized by the US Department of Education and CHEA. We are an Approved Providor for NAADAC, which means that our addictioncourses are approved for certified addiction counselor credit in most states.

Our Students

About City Vision University

Our students typically want to work in the nonprofit sector, counseling, government or ministry. We are an open admissions school accepting any student with a high school diploma, GED or equivalent. Our students are 60% women, 41% people of color (29% African American, 6% Latino, 2% Native American, 1% Asian). We have students as young as 18, and some who are 60 or over, with an average age of 40. 79% of our students receive Pell grants.

City Vision University is a nonprofit Christian university established in 1998. Our vision is to provide radically affordable practical Christian education to help transform at-risk communities. All of our faculty have at least Master's degrees and are current or past practitioners in their fields.

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Degrees and Courses

Business Electives

Urban Missions

Wheeler Mission Collaboration Summary




Wheeler Mission participants receive a $2,500 scholarship  reducing tuition to only $450/course or $4,500/year. 
Wheeler Mission training program participants can have up to 30 credits reviewed for credit through our Learning Portfolio process.
Qualifying students may receive Pell grants of up to $7,618/year or VA benefits. 

Electives (36 credits)

‚ÄčStudents can transfer up to 45 credits.

Associate's in Business Degree Path

Core Courses (24 credits)

  • Introduction to Business
  • Business Communications
  • Accounting Principles I
  • Management & Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Theology of Work and Personal Calling
  • Microeconomics


Bachelor's Degree Paths

Electives (90 credits)

Students can transfer up to 90 credits.

Core Courses (30 credits)

Pick 10 Courses in Major

  • Addiction Studies or
  • Urban Missions or
  • Nonprofit Management or
  • Business Administration

Option to Take City Vision Courses While in Wheeler Mission Program

Students can participate in Wheeler Mission training & take City Vision courses at the same time. The advantage of this is that it provides access to financial aid. Any financial aid above tuition can be used to pay any personal expenses during your time with Wheeler Mission.  Students with more limited time that may want to be less busy may also do Wheeler Mission's program first and then City Vision.

  1. Complete request for more information above.
  2. Complete the Federal Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) and enter City Vision’s code of 041191, following our Financial Aid Instructions
  3. Apply on
  4. Register for courses on using the discount code of "PARTNERDISCOUNT" to get your discount.

Steps to Get Started

Wheeler Mission Biblical Counseling Credit Mapping

Wheeler Course Name

  • Evangelism Survey & Biblical Life Change
  • Biblical Counseling in Relationships
  • Biblical Counseling in Life Dominating Issues
  • Introduction to Systematic Theology
  • Systematic Theology II
  • Systematic Theology III
  • Systematic Theology IV
  • Biblical Counseling Practicum
  • Servant Leadership Practicum

Comparable Course Name for Prior Learning Assessment

  • Methods of Biblical Change
  • Marriage and Family Systems
  • Introduction to Counseling
  • Christian Theology I
  • Christian Theology II
  • Systematic Theology V
  • Systematic Theology III
  • Practicum I
  • Ministry Practicum
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