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Transform your ministry career with a certificate in nonprofit management from City Vision University.

Get prepared to run social services, rescue missions, nonprofits, or other ministries.
Our 8-week online courses start 5 times/year and combine the benefits of on-site experience with the convenience of distance learning.

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Christian Nonprofit Management


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Students completing our program will learn all the key functions needed to run a nonprofit, including accounting, budgeting, fundraising, human resources, board development, and leadership skills, all from a Christian and Biblical perspective.

City Vision University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.

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Course Offerings

Format & Transfer Credit

Program Outcomes

The program can be taken toward a Bachelor's degree (120 credits) or a certificate (30 credits). We accept transfer of up to 90 credits from any accredited college. Students can use our prior learning assessment program to apply for up to 30 credits for unaccredited ministry training and experience.

Students completing the program will gain competencies in the following areas:

  • Nonprofit Structure. Apply the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors and the management team to provide governance and leadership to the nonprofit organization. 
  • Finances. Apply basic accounting and budgeting principles in order to successfully manage the finances of a nonprofit organization. 
  • Fundraising/Marketing. Apply basic marketing, communication and fundraising strategies in operating a successful nonprofit organization. 
  • Nonprofit management. Apply nonprofit management principles related to program development, ethics, decision-making and nonprofit legal and regulatory requirements. 
  • Human resources. Apply the essential elements of nonprofit human resource management including volunteer management, hiring, firing, supervision and legal considerations. 
  • Vocation. Create a synthesis of a reflective life vision and plan to enable 24/7 ministry based on God’s purposes for work and their own unique calling.

    This position will prepare graduates to be a Social and Community Services Manager (SOC 11-9151) or Fundraising Manager (SOC 11-2031).

Qualifying students can get their tuition fully covered by Pell grants. Students may also use Federal loans or GI Bill benefits. We provide a 15% discount to military/veterans and staff at Rescue Missions and Salvation Army and a 37.5% discount to ministry interns.