Online Adjunct Faculty Application
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Online Adjunct Faculty Application

Position Description

It is expected that an online faculty member will model a personal commitment to the goals and values of City Vision University, engage in an active commitment to and experience of personal spiritual formation within a biblically-informed Christian worldview, and follow lesson plans developed for the course they are facilitating. Online faculty should view the course being taught as a means to a significant educational end. They should strive to employ a variety of techniques for the development of good learning conditions, view each student as a unique individual, and, insofar as is possible, provide for individual differences, abilities and interests. The following are specific position expectations:

  • Facilitate the course at the assigned times with an expectation of about 15 hours per week of activity

  • Enter a grade with comments within 7 days of an item’s submission date or due date (whichever comes first). Grade students at least 2-3 times per week. Enter all final grades within two weeks of the completion date of the course.

  • Provide substantial feedback of at least one paragraph of comments of academic nature for each assignment/forum related to the subject matter showing that you reviewed their submission.
    • All communication must be in the learning management system Populi for it to count toward this requirement. Any communication with students via email will not count toward this requirement.
    • Provide at least one paragraph of academic feedback each week. Provide at least a couple of lines for every forum grading and assignment.
    • Faculty will be informed if there are any problems with substantial feedback requirement. Any problems must be corrected for all weeks before the end of the term.

  • Within 3 weeks of the end of a term, send a 1 page response summarizing your suggestions on what to improve at the end of the course based on your experience, student’s experience and their End of Course Review.

  • Follow all policies listed in the course syllabi and City Vision catalog.
  • Advise the Academic Dean at your earliest possibility if you are unable to perform all of the responsibilities of facilitating a course.

City Vision offers five eight-week terms. While time required by adjuncts varies by course, typically most courses will require 10-15 hours per week per course.  

  • Minimum earned Master’s level degree or equivalent in area of teaching
  • Official transcript(s) required for all relevant degrees and/or licenses from an institution accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or accreditation in your home country recognized in the U.S.
  • Online teaching experience is strongly preferred
  • Relevant practitioner experience in relevant industry/ministry strongly preferred
  • Ability to pass background check
  • Two non-relative references (one faith-related, one academic)
  • Must be a Christian actively attending a church and able to support City Vision's statement of faith.


Adjuncts for undergraduate courses are currently paid $50 per student completing each eight-week course ($75/student for graduate courses) with a guarantee of at least $400. Most of our courses have between 10 to 20 students completing, which would provide $500 to $1,000 per term. Given our focus on serving the poor, many of our faculty view their services as a "ministry" and view their positions as part volunteering, recognizing that the pay is below what some schools with higher tuition pay adjuncts. This has enabled City Vision to be the 16th most affordable Christian college in America with our Business degree being the lowest-cost online Christian business degree in America. This has also enabled us to offer discounts so that our tuition is only $4,500 to developing countries, $4,500 for interns and $5,950 to Rescue Mission and Salvation Army staff, veterans, and other partners.

About City Vision University

City Vision University is an online-only, Christian university with the goal of providing radically affordable practical Christian education to help transform at-risk communities. The school provides Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration, Addiction Studies, Nonprofit Management, and Missions, Christian Ministry & Leadership, an Associate's Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Technology and Social Entrepreneurship, and an MBA. It is a program of the Christian nonprofit TechMission, and was originally founded in 1998 by the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. It has been growing at an average of 15% per year since 2008 and had 129 students in 2014. We have 20+ adjunct faculty practitioners. The school’s values are in the evangelical social justice tradition although we serve students from all denominations as well as non-Christian students. For more information visit:

Vision, Values, Statement of Faith, Assessment and Strategic Plan 

We are looking for our candidates that believe in and can help City Vision attain our vision and values. The following documents may be helpful to better understand our vision and values.

TechMission/City Vision hiring practices and EEO Statement are fully in compliance with both federal and state law. Federal law creates an exception to the "religion" component of the employment discrimination laws for religious organizations (including educational institutions), and permits them to give employment preference to members of their own religion. City Vision is in this category.